Virginia Scardanzan

Virginia Scardanzan is Italian athlete, who competes in the pole vault. She has a personal best of 4.35m outdoors and 4.30m indoors.

Virginia Scardanzan was born on February 12, 1998. She started in athletics as a child and showed her talents during training at school. later she moved to the local athletics academy, where developed her skills and talent. She starte competing in 2014, finishing 8th at the Rieti Italian U18 Championships and 7th at the Ancona Italian U18 Indoor Championships. During the same season she won her first gold at the Padova Meeting.

In 2015, Virginia Scardanzan won the silver medals at the Ancona Italian U18 Indoor Championships and Padova Regional Indoor Championships. During the outdoor season, she won the bronze at the Marcon Italian Club Championships.

In 2016, Virginia Scardanzan debuted at the senior Ancona Italian Indoor Championships, finishing 10th. During the indoor season, she won silver at the Ancona Italian Junior Indoor Championships and gold at the Padova meeting. During the outdoor season, she won silver medals at the Bressanone Italian U20 Championships, Vicenza Regional Championships, and Conegliano Trofeo Toni Fallai, but also competed at the Rieti Italian Championships, where remained out of the finals.

Virginia Scardanzan continues being one of the most prospective athletes in Italy in 2017. She won the pole vault gold at the Ancona Italian U20 Indoor Championships and Firenze Italian U20 Championships, setting her personal best of 3.90m, and also competed at the Grosseto European U20 Championships, remaining out of the finals. Meanwhile, during the season, she competed at the Ancona Italian Indoor Championships and Trieste Italian Championships, but finished 11th in both competitions. However, she won the gold at the Ponzano Veneto Memorial Giovanni Maria Idda and Caorle Regional U20/U18 Championships, as well as silver at the Bussolengo Regional Championships and bronze at the Padova Regional Indoor Championships.

Virginia Scardanzan pole vault

In 2018, Virginia Scardanzan won the bronze at the Conegliano Trofeo Toni Fallai and Agropoli Italian U23 Championships, as well as the gold at the Maryville Mel Tjeerdsma Classic.

She made a strong American tour in 2019, winning the bronze at the Graduate Classic and silver at the Mel Tjeerdsma Classic.

In 2020, Virginia Scardanzan won the bronze at the Italian U23 Championships, Northwest Open, and Bearcat Open. She also won the silver at the Graduate Classic.

Virginia Scardanzan won her first major senior honor in 2021, winning the silver at the Virginia Scardanzan Rovereto Italian Championships. She also won the silver at the Allendale NCAA Division II Outdoor Championships and Vicenza Meeting di Preparazione, as well as the gold at the Pittsburg MIAA Outdoor Championships and Loper Twilight #1, setting a personal best of 4.35m. She also competed at the Meeting Stanislas Nancy, finishing 6th.

In 2022, Virginia Scardanzan won the bronze at the Rieti Italian Championships and La Classique d’Athletisme de Montreal, as well as silver at the Night of Athletics in Heusden-Zolder, Royal City Inferno Track & Field Festival in Guelph, and Miting Internacional d’Atletisme Ciutat de Barcelona. She captured the gold at the Pole Vault Days in Padova and Ontario Championships. She had a very successful season during the year with plenty of honors.

Virginia Scardanzan started the 2023 indoor season with a silver at the Campionati Regionali Indoor Assouluti. During the outdoor season, she won the bronze at the Hungarian GP Series – Budapest and gold at the Int. Hofer Sparkassen Stabhochsprung in Altstadt.

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