Mikaelle Assani

Mikaelle Assani is a German track and field athlete, who specializes in the long jump. She is the European U20 Championships Bronze medalist, World’s best U20 athlete in 2021, the German U20 champion, and German Championships silver medalist.

Mikaelle Assani was born on August 18, 2002, in Pforzheim, Germany. She started track and field at the age of 11 and just four years later she came 4th in the German U16 Championships in the long jump and has since been slowly moving her way up the ranks.

Mikaelle Assani made her athletics debut in 2017, competing at the Bremen German U16 Championships, where remained just a step from the honors zone, finishing 4th.

Mikaelle Assani athletics

In 2018, she won the gold at the Walldorf Regional Championships and Mannheim U18 Events, improving her personal best to 5.73m.

Mikaelle Assani dominated the youth long jump in Germany in 2019. She won the gold medals at the Regional U23/U18 Championships in Heilbronn, Regional U20 Championships in Frankfurt, Springen mit Musik U18 in Weisenbach, Baden-WUrtt Hallenmeisterschaften U18, and Hallensportfest U18 in Mannheim. She competed at the 15th European Youth Olympic Festival in Baku, Azerbaijan, but remained out of the finals.

Mikaelle Assani athlete

In 2020, Mikaelle Assani won the gold at the German U20 Indoor Championships and competed at the German Indoor Championships, where suffered an injury. Following this, she had almost a year off the track and field and athletics.

Mikaelle Assani made an impressive return in 2021, winning the gold at the German U20 Championships and the bronze at the Tallinn European Athletics U20 Championships. She won the silver at the German U23 Championships and finished 4th at the German Championships. It is particularly worth mentioning that she was the world’s best female U20 athlete in 2021 with 6.64m.

Mikaelle Assani long jump

In 2022, Mikaelle Assani won the bronze at the German Championships and the silver at the German U23 Championships. She also competed at the Munich European Athletics Championships but remained out of the honors zone. During the season, she won the gold at the Meeting International d’Athletisme de la Province de Liege and the silver medals at the Meeting International de Sotteville 2022 and CITIUS Meeting.

Mikaelle Assani continue performing at a high level in 2023, winning the bronze at the German Indoor Championships and the silver at the German Championships. She also competed at the Istanbul European Athletics Indoor Championships and Espoo European Athletics U23 Championships, but did not win a medal. During the season she won the gold at the German U23 Championships and Kurpfalz Gala, setting her personal best of 6.91m.

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