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Olivia McTaggart is a pole vault athlete from New Zealand, who is the Oceania champion and twice New Zealand athletics champion. She is the New Zealand U17 record holder.

Olivia McTaggart was born on January 9, 2000, in Southport, Queensland, Australia. She later moved with her family to Greenhithe, in Auckland, New Zealand, where attended Kristin School and started gymnastics. Olivia McTaggart was a competitive gymnast for 10 years before changing to pole vaulting due to a back injury in 2014. After less than six months of training in pole vault, she competed at the Sydney Australian U16 Championships and won a bronze medal.

Olivia McTaggart started her competitive career in 2015 and despite the U16 bronze also won the silver at the Auckland City Championships, as well as the gold at the Timaru New Zealand High School Championships and the Auckland AAI Summer Series, setting a personal best of 3.90m.

Olivia McTaggart pole vault

In 2016, Olivia McTaggart continue improving her technique and results. She won the gold at the Brisbane Denise Boyd Shield, Auckland City Championships, Dunedin New Zealand U20 Championships, and Auckland Twilight Meet, as well as the silver at the Hamilton Porritt Classic, and the bronze at the Auckland Track Challenge. During the season, she jumped over the 4-meter level and set a personal best of 4.30m.

Olivia McTaggart debuted at the senior Sydney Australian Championships in 2017 but failed to make a successful attempt. During the season she won the gold at the Mannheim Bauhaus Juniorengala and Bedford CAU Inter County Championships, as well as the bronze at the Jockgrim Stabhochsprung-Meeting. She competed at the prestigious Heusden-Zolder KBC Night of Athletics but remained only 7th. During the season, Olivia McTaggart won the gold at the local competitions Hastings Potts Classic, Wellington Capital Classic, Auckland Athletics Championships, Auckland Pole Vault Meet, and Auckland Northern Region Championships. She also earned gold at the junior championships – Hamilton New Zealand U18 Championships and Sydney Australian U20 Championships. Meanwhile, she improved her personal best to 4.35m.

In 2018, Olivia McTaggart competed at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and Tampere IAAF World U20 Championships, but in both was out of the honors zone, finishing 9th and 5th. She again failed to win an honor at the Gold Coast Australian Championships, but earned golds at the regional competitions Auckland Pole Vault, Auckland AAI Meet, and Perth Jandakot Airport Track Classic, as well as the silver at the Mannheim Bauhaus Juniorengala, where set a personal best of 4.40m.

Olivia McTaggart pole vaulter

In 2019, Olivia McTaggart made her biggest achievement winning the silver at the Oceania Championships in Townsville, Australia. She competed also at the Universiade in Napoli but remained only 4th. During the season she won the gold at the prestigious Sir Graeme Douglas International and Sydney Track Classic, but also became the New Zealand Pole Vault champion.

Olivia McTaggart won the silver at the New Zealand Championships in 2020, as well as the gold at the prestigious competitions Night of 5’s in Auckland, Team Ledger Harcourts Capital Classic, and Potts Classic.

In 2021, Olivia McTaggart had a hesitant season winning the gold at the Wellington Capital Classic, Auckland Championships and Potts Classic, but competed at a low number of competitions.

However, 2022 was quite successful for Olivia McTaggart, who competed at the Beograd World Athletics Indoor Championships, finishing 6th with 4.60m and winning the gold at the Night of 5’s in Auckland. During the outdoor season she won the second gold at the New Zealand Championships and competed at the Eugene World Athletics Championships, where did not make a successful attempt in the final, and Birmingham XXII Commonwealth Games, remaining very close to the medals and finished 4th. During the season Olivia McTaggart won the gold at the Potts Classic and Sir Graeme Douglas International. Her biggest achievement during the season was the gold at the Oceania Athletics Championships.

In 2023, Olivia McTaggart won the silver at the New Zealand Championships, Kuortane Games and the Brisbane Track Classic, as well as the gold at the Adelaide Track Classic.

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