Olesya Soldatova

Olesya Soldatova is a Russian athlete, who specializes in sprints. She is a European U18 Championships Bronze medalist, National Champion, and National Indoor Champion. Her personal best is 11.71 sec in 100m, 23.87 sec in 200m, and 53.09 sec in 400m.

Olesya Soldatova was born on December 16, 2002 in Krasnodar, Russia. She started in athletics as a child and developed her skills in the local sports academy.

Olesya Soldatova started her competitive career in 2017, winning the gold at Chelyabinsk Russian U18 Championships in 400m.

In 2018, she competed at Gyor European U18 Championships in 400m, where won the bronze with her personal best in the event of 53.09 sec. Meanwhile, she won the gold at the Volgograd Russian U20 Indoor Championships in 400m. During the season she debuted at the senior national championship, finishing 9th at the Kazan Russian Championships in 400m.

Olesya Soldatova 400m

Olesya Soldatova dominated the junior athletics championships in Russia in 2019. She won the gold medals at the Russian U18 Indoor Championships in 200m and International U20 Indoor Match in 400m, as well as the 60m silver at the Christmas Competition in Slavyansk-na-Kubani. She also earned 400m gold medals at the Baku 15th European Youth Olympic Festival and Spartakiada in Cheboksary.

Olesya Soldatova made a strong indoor season in 2020, winning the 4x400m relay gold and 60 silver at the Saint Petersburg Russian U23 Indoor Championships, as well as the 400m bronze at the Volgograd Russian U20 Indoor Championships. She also earned the bronze at the Moscow Russian Indoor Championships in 60m. During the outdoor season, she won the 100m and 200m bronze at the Sochi Russian Team Championships.

In 2021, Olesya Soldatova competed at the Tallinn European Athletics U20 Championships in 400m but remained a step from the honors finishing 4th in the final. At the Chelyabinsk Russian U23 Championships, she earned the 4x400m relay silver and 400m bronze, while at the Smolensk Russian U20 Indoor Championships, she earned 60m and 200m silver. Olesya Soldatova also earned the 100m gold and 200m bronze at the Spartakiada in Cheboksary. At the Ufa Russian U20 Championships won the silver in 400m.

Russian athlete Olesya Soldatova

In 2022, Olesya Soldatova continue competing at the top level and proving herself as one of the top athletes of Russia. During the indoor season, she earned the silver at the Moscow Russian Indoor Championships, as well as the gold at the Russian U23 Indoor Championships, Slavyansk-na-Kubani Governor Cup, Krasnodar Regional Indoor Championships, and Yalamov Memorial in Yekaterinburg in 60m. Outdoors, she won the gold at the Cheboksary Russian Championships, as well as the silver at the Spartakiada in Chelyabinsk in the 4x100m relay. Meanwhile, she also earned silver at the Necheukhin Memorial in Chelyabinsk in 100m and bronze in 200m.

In 2023, Olesya Soldatova did not start in the best form, failing to win honors in most of the major championships she participated. However, she won the bronze at the Yalamov Memorial in Yekaterinburg in 300m and bronze at Russian Cup in Zhukovskiy in 4x100m.

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