Jacqueline Otchere

Jacqueline Otchere is a German athlete who specializes in pole vaulting. She is twice a German champion and once a German Indoor champion. Her personal best in the pole vault is 4.60m, achieved at the London Athletics World Cup in 2018.

Jacqueline Otchere was born on May 5, 1996, in Heidelberg, Germany. At the age of eight, she started athletics with her brothers at ASV Eppelheim near Heidelberg, and soon switched to MTG Mannheim, where she competed in sprints and jumps as a student in the W14 and W15 age groups and stood on the podium of the German Block Championships. After an injury, she changed sprints to pole vaulting in 2015.

In 2017, Jacqueline Otchere finished 8th at the German Indoor University Championships in Frankfurt-Kalbach. Outdoors, she improved over the course of the year to 4.30m. At the German Junior Championships U23 in Leverkusen, she took 5th place, and at the German Championships in Erfurt, 6th place. In the German ranking, she improved to twelfth place.

Jacqueline Otchere pole vault

In 2018, Jacqueline Otchere took 5th place at the German Indoor Championships in Dortmund. In Heilbronn, she became the German U23 champion with a personal best of 4.45m and with this height she also jumped the norm for the European Championships in Berlin. At the Athletics World Cup in London, she increased to 4.60m. In Nuremberg, Jacqueline Otchere became the German champion and secured the nomination for the home European Championships, where she was eliminated in the qualification. At the end of the year, she was the best German pole vaulter with 4.60m.

In 2019, Jacqueline Otchere did not play an indoor season, since the focus was not on starting at the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow, but instead had long-term plans with a view to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. In the outdoor season, she won bronze at the German Championships.

Jacqueline Otchere German athlete

She missed the whole 2020 season and half of the 2021 season, which stopped her from competing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. In 2021, Jacqueline Otchere won the gold at the German Championships, as well as the Abendsportfest Kaderathleten, Kaderwettkampf Sprint-Sprung-Hammer, Abendsportfest, Road To Tokyo Vol. II, Touch the Clouds Summer Jump Off, and etc.

In 2022, she continue her perfect performance and won the title at the German Indoor Championships and finished third at the German Championships in the pole vault. Also competed at the World Athletics Championships in Oregon, finishing in the 10th position. She won the gold at the prestigious Hungarian GP Series – Papa.

Jacqueline Otchere is one of the hottest athletes and pole vaulters. Definitely, she has great talent and we may expect great results from her in the future.

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